Selecting Cheese

Cheese is so incredible. Whether you are having it with family or friends or just by yourself your cheese should always be special.

We want to make every cheese board special for you – so please feel free to ask for our help to pick out the best for you.

All our Irish cheese is sourced directly from the cheesemakers. We have a strong relationship with the cheesemakers and this helps us understand why each cheese is different and it also gives us the confidence to have the best cheese available for you.

When we are helping you to select your cheese, we want to find the cheeses that you and your guests will love and then find the accompaniments that will complement it. We have a range of wines to help make your cheeseboard special, please ask us to help you choose a wine.

Tips for creating a cheeseboard

Try to have different styles and textures of cheese, e.g. soft, semi-soft, hard, blue or smoked. Maybe cheese from different milk e.g. Cow, Goat, Sheep and Buffalo
Start with the lightest in flavour and work your way to the strongest
Complement with different crackers, crisps, chutneys or jellies.

Always feel free to ask us to help select the best for you.


The Little Cheese Shop