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Different types of

Cheese Explained

How amazing is cheese?

There are so many different types of cheese. If you break them down into different categories it will give you a better understanding of cheese and how it’s made. Here at The Little Cheese Shop, we have cheese made from cows milk, sheep, goat and sometimes buffalo. We will always help you find the cheese that suits your needs.

The following is a very brief guide to help you understand cheese a little bit better.

Fresh cheese

These are soft and will have plenty of moisture in them. These usually have a very short shelf life. They usually are creamy and have a lovely acidic or tangy finish.


Bloomy Rinds

Think of cheeses like Bries and Camemberts. They are soft and have a beautiful rind. Bacteria is added during the cheese-making process to help develop a beautiful white or beige rind on the cheese. Each cheesemaker may work differently with these bacteria and that is what makes every bloomy rind cheese so unique. Most of these cheeses will start their life being very acidic but this mellows as the cheese matures.

Depending on the cheese they will be matured from 2 weeks to 12 weeks.

Such cheeses will not have a long shelf life, we will always help you select the correct amount for your needs.


  • Cavanbert

  • Cooleeney

  • Tipperary Brie

  • Balylisk

  • Gort na Mona

Wash Rind cheese

Each of these cheeses are hand-washed regularly by the cheesemaker while they mature. This encourages bacteria to form, giving each wash rind cheese its own unique flavour and texture. The flavour of wash rind cheese will start of milder and will develop flavours while it matures.


  • Gubbeen
  • Milleens
  • Durrus
  • Taleggio
Hard Cheese

As the name suggests, hard cheeses are firm and dense. Hard cheeses are pressed when made, reducing the moisture and allowing them to be aged.

Hard cheeses usually have their own savoury flavours. This will be more powerful the longer the cheese has matured.

Hard cheeses have a longer shelf life and are more stable than other cheeses.


  • Wilma’s Gouda

  • Kylemore

  • Coolattin Cheddar

  • Derg Cheddar

  • Coolea

  • Cais Na Tire

Blue Cheese

You will either love blue cheese or hate it.

Blue cheese has so many different characteristics and depending on the style it can be creamy, mild, strong, crumbly, salty or sometimes a combination of these.

During the cheese-making process, blue moulds are added. It is only later during the process when each cheese is pierced by the cheesemaker allowing these blue moulds to spread, giving a vein-like appearance.

We always carry a selection of blues, ranging from creamy or crumbly to mild or strong.


  • Kerry Blue

  • Cashel Blue

  • Crozier Blue

  • Young Buck

  • Boyne Valley Blue

Smoked cheese

A smoked cheese can help to add variety to your cheese board and can be used in so many recipes.

In a time before refrigeration, it was common to smoke cheeses to help preserve them. Today cheese is smoked to add an extra flavour. We always carry a range of naturally smoked cheeses.


  • Smoked Gubbeen

  • Smoked Milleens

  • Smoked Durrus

  • Smoked Drumlin

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