Caring for your cheese

The cheese you buy from us will be in the best possible condition and we want to help you to keep it that way in your own home by learning to store it correctly.

Storing your cheese

The larger the piece of cheese the better it usually keeps but we will always ensure that you only buy as much as you need – you can always come back for more!

We recommend storing your cheese in the paper that it comes wrapped in. Place this in a container with some lightly dampened kitchen paper over it and then place the lid on top, leaving the lid very slightly ajar. Keep this in the vegetable or salad compartment of your fridge as this area is not as cold and drying as other parts of your fridge.
Do the same for blue cheese but keep it in a separate container.


Taking your cheese from the fridge before serving

Any cheese will taste bland if it is served straight from the fridge. Always make sure to take the cheese out of the fridge about two hours before you plan to serve it. Keep it wrapped to prevent it from drying out and make sure your cheese is not in a warm place.

If you have more cheese than you need for the serving, cut the amount you think you will need, wrap up the remainder and return it to the fridge.


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